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Never before has a personal story of struggle and positive attitude and perseverance hit home, more than Randy Sims’ story of challenges and outcome. He has shown that if we embrace our challenges and use them to bolster our lives rather than allow them to weight us down, we will live a fuller, more meaningful life. Randy’s story touches your soul, your heart and he tells it as if you were sitting on a park bench listening first hand. You feel the emotions he experienced, the pain he endured and the triumph of success. His story embodies the true American spirit that shows we are a great people not because of who we are, but what we do with what we have been given. The character of a man is based on what they do and how they act in the face of challenges. Randy has given everyone that hears his story a roadmap of how to take challenges head on, stare adversity in the face and triumph over our problems. His message of perseverance, positive attitude and faith is much needed in today’s society. After hearing Randy’s story, you cannot help but be happy. If ever there was a guide on how to struggle and not lose sight of the true blessing of life, then Randy’s story is that guide.

Senator Scott T. Rupp

Randy - I cannot tell you what reading your book copy has done for my soul. You have a devotional masterpiece here. Your truehearted and wholehearted approach to life and its significant trials [from age 10 right up to the present] has blessed me and will bless many others for years to come since you have taken the time and trouble to capture the experience in print. - I met Randy Sims while serving as a visiting preacher for the Harvester Christian Church of St. Charles, MO in the summer of 2006. He gave me the Reader's Digest version of his life experience of surviving for years with cystic fibrosis and then finally enduring double lung transplantation surgery. He mentioned his book and requested I read it and perhaps write a line or two of recommendation. I can honestly say that I have not had a more enriching experience devotionally this year [it is August 31st today] than the visual and mental digestion of this text. Rarely am I as moved as I was by this book. Perhaps it is because Randy writes as one who has personally passed through a fiery trial rather than writing from an "arms length" perspective. Mostly I think it is because this book is laced with Holy Spirit power. Do you know anyone facing a life-threatening disease or life-threatening surgery? Are you going through such a life passage yourself? If you are not, good; but, if you live long enough, you will. The point is, we all need or will need the impact the chapters of this book can have on us, especially chapter 11 [Why Me?] and chapter 13 [Never Ever Give Up].

Ken Idleman
Chancellor, Ozark Christian College

Randy Sims writes in simple prose, but his message is as dramatic as it is uncomplicated. Don't give up. Stay positive. This is more than a first-person book. He gives plenty of examples. What might seem to be bad luck might be part of a higher plan, and he talks about a job-seeker who thought he was going to get a job, but didn't. The company? Enron. But still, the most inspirational stories are his own. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 10, he managed to live a normal life. He went to high school and played golf. He graduated from college. Then his lungs began to fail. He was put on the transplant list, and he got a call at 4:45 in the morning. It's a dramatic story.

Bill McClellan
Columnist, St. LouisPost-Dispatch

A refreshing and very honest approach from one who is an overcomer. Randy Sims presents his problems and victories in a very interesting and personable way. This book will motivate every leader toward faith and hope.

Ben Merold, Senior Minister, Harvester Christian Church

Randy Sims is an amazing example of perseverance against all odds. Relying on his faith in God and the love of his family, Randy's story is an encouragement to anyone facing struggles in their life. Randy's story is genuine and expresses much gratitude to those who have helped him along the way, with a special tribute to the family who gave him the precious gift of a second chance at life, his donor family. Randy has chosen to respond to his struggles in a way that is a blessing and encouragement to others and brings honor to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Merry Smith, LPN, BS
Donor Mom, Donor Family Aftercare Coordinator
Mid-America Transplant Services

Randy’s book, Living a Miracle, takes us through the demands and rewards of organ transplantation. His work provides a lovely description integrating his life principles and experience while bringing out the human spirit. As a social worker in transplant, Living a Miracle is recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about or considering organ transplantation. Just as the author states 'keeping our chin up is not always the easiest things to do, but when we keep it down, we just keep running into the wall'.

Rebecca Bathon, Social Worker, MSW LCSW
Lung Transplant and Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program
Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine